Maginhawa, we have a problem

We always want ours served cold, please.

Your beers are way too expensive.

Sure, they’re served fresh and ice-cold — just as the way they should be.

After all, that’s part of the deal.

To do so otherwise would be to betray the long-standing tradition respected by both server and tippler, barkeep and barfly, proprietor and patron.

But then again, that doesn’t explain why a regular beer in a run-of-the-mill Maginhawa joint costs an arm, a leg, and other less-savory body parts. (And to think that that doesn’t even cover bar chow — also known as pulutan in these parts — but that’s a separate story altogether).

None of this adds up, if you ask your neighborhood dipsomaniac.

Why fork out P60 for a bottle of beer when the very same one goes for practically half the price at a nearby 7-11, where you can also get away with drinking it, provided that you

A) surreptitiously and quickly transfer the contents in a dark container while the cashier’s not looking;

B) glug it quickly outside the line of sight of CCTV cameras; or, failing both,

C) charm the guard with a wink and some small talk (which by the way has been known to work, especially with the aid of pretty women or enterprising companions).

Which brings us back, however haphazardly, to the main point.

Does a bottle of beer, say, a San Mig Light served at a Maginhawa establishment taste better? Sweeter? (uhm, lighter?)

Not necessarily.

But having raised these questions, it wouldn’t hurt if all Maginhawa bars agree to put a price cap on beer served in their joints. And until that happens, some of us may choose to hang out at places where the drinks are cheaper, or barring that, take our chances with the guard at 7-11, di ba Manong Guard?

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Jovidel R. Tabuena (@_ourdailybrad on Instagram) works part-time, reads books full-time, and is half-asleep most of the time.

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