I’ve found true love and its name is Spotify


I have an announcement to make: I have found true love and its name is Spotify.

Sorry, iPod, iTunes, and their iFans — a group to which I once belonged — I had a good time but I’ve found another app.

I have never felt this way about an app before, save perhaps for the Blackberry Messenger — remember that?

But then again, that’s a story best told as soon as we move to the next playlist.

And yes, for those curious enough to know, my current handheld of choice is an Android-powered phone, which replaced the Blackberry Curve when it gave up the ghost. (It was about time too since its sluggish processor and rudimentary OS weren’t built to run Instagram and Spotify, which I both adore. I do miss the Blackberry’s physical keyboard though.)

And such nostalgia — however arguably short-lived — is best accompanied by a song or soundtrack streaming on what else? Spotify.

Just like most apps, or for that matter, most things in our lives, Spotify could still use an enhancement or two.

Song searches, for instance, could be made faster — always useful in these parts where connectivity is slow and spotty.

Searches could also be made more powerful.

As it stands, different song choices — and even artists — come up depending on the use of capital letters or articles in titles such as “a,” “an,” or “the.”

Try it.

Songs, covers, renditions, and artists you never imagined existed would come up just by the incorrect use of a small letter or an article. Never has a fortuitous grammatical oversight been able to trump an algorithm.

Speaking of titles, Spotify should consider installing a lyrics search. Or better yet, a visualizer just like in iTunes.

These features could go a long way in promoting usage and attracting new subscribers.

But then again, that’s just my take — the opinion of someone in love with an app called Spotify.

Jovidel R. Tabuena (@_ourdailybrad on Instagram) works part-time, reads books full-time, and is half-asleep most of the time.

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